Revisit a Bygone Era on Maine Adventure Vacations

Kennebec River Pub The Forks, MaineNot everything about Maine adventure vacations is wild and rugged.  There is a different kind of exploration to be done through just up soaking the history of The Forks area.  Old photographs cover the walls of the Kennebec River Pub and offers glimpse into a time so different it is difficult to conceive that it was daily reality just over a hundred years ago.

The Kennebec River was made infamous by the timbermen and daring log drivers who rode the giant logs of the old forests down the wide river to the mills.  No helmets, no life vests — dexterity, bravery and luck where the only safely factors in operation on the river in those days. 
There were no wet suits, no quick-drying synthetic clothing to keep them warm – only hard work.  The roads were dirt, the wilderness tough, the water big and cold.   It took a special kind of soul to spend time on the Kennebec River back then.

Imagine what those folks would think of the intrepid Maine whitewater rafting guests today.  Some would probably be amused.  Some would probably be pleased that more people  than they ever could have imagined now have a way to witness the wild beauty of the Kennebec River Gorge.

Visitors should take a moment in the Kennebec River Pub to examine the faces of the men and women of The Forks of so many decades ago.  They are the ones that paved the way for the adventurers of today and taking in that history adds another layer to Kennebec River rafting!

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