Scenic Driving on New England Vacations

Scenic Driving New EnglandSometimes driving is just a way to get where you have to go, and sometimes a drive is an experience all its own.  Travel by car in New England in the fall is the latter.  From the Interstates to the backroads, fall color turns every drive into a better experience than it would be otherwise.  Leaves falling, leaves shimmering, leaves blowing across the road – rain or shine, leaves make fall trips much more fun.

Granted some roadtips are more spectacular than others, through quaint towns, over mountain byways offering stunning vistas.  For those set to make a journey to Maine this fall, whether for Maine whitewater rafting or just a relaxing getaway, the trip is an extra-special one.  Route 201, the road to Northern Outdoors Resort, is also known as the Old Canada Road Scenic Byway and it is one of the most spectacular roads in New England. Also known as Moose Alley – Route 201 follows the Kennebec River, Wyman Lake and the Dead River and winds to the Canadian border through miles and miles of colorful scenery.

For visitors looking to explore other great drives, Falcon Guides has published the 2nd Edition of Scenic Driving New England.  It’s worth picking up a copy as a useful guide on Maine adventure vacations.

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