Snowmobile Trail Conditions Report: The Forks, Maine March 1

Warm temperatures and a strong sun this week have degraded our trails further. We will not be grooming until we get some more snow, possibly next Wednesday. Good news is that the trails are hard and flat. The trails are down to the very solid base that was established early in the season, and don’t get bumped up with traffic. Bad news is that there are icy spots, with some bare ground in places. Trails are all passable. Some sections are good, some are very poor where you have to “bob & weave” to stay on snow. Please read the report carefully to find out where the best snow and riding is. There are sections you want to avoid . . . . particularly ITS 86 between The Forks and Moxie Pond. You can get out and find enjoyable riding, but you have to pick your spots.

In town section is beat up, but passable. Some bare spots and ice till the Boise Road. Hodges Road section around Mosquito Mountain is in very poor shape and has a number of bare spots and ice. Again, all passable with some “bobbing & weaving”, but not particularly pleasant. The 1 mile Power Line section near Moxie Pond is rough. There is a 1 mile section of plowed road around Moxie Pond . . . . . down to dirt/mud most of the way. Snow conditions are good from Moxie Pond all the way to the ITS 88 intersection and on to Greenville or Rockwood.

Some corners on the Divide Road section and heading to Pleasant Pond are getting bare. The riding south to the Caratunk Spur is ok. From the spur south has numerous bare spots. The 1 mile windswept section on the south side of Moxie Mountain is bare, but passable off to the side.

Good snow cover. Nice going all the way through.

Good snow cover. Decent all the way to the Bingham Wind Farm Trail.

Open and passable.

Open all the way from Northern Outdoors to West Forks. Just a few bare corners. The big hill off the Flood Road is down to bare ground for about 20 yards.

***To travel from The Forks to Greenville, the recommended route is ITS 87 south to the Pleasant Pond Trail. Go east on the Pleasant Pond Trail then head north on the Bald Mountain Trail to ITS 86. Then head east on ITS 86 to Greenville. This is a little longer than taking ITS 86 all the way. But the snow cover and riding conditions are much better. You will avoid the 4 miles of very thin snow and bare spots on the Hodges Road section of ITS 86 around Mosquito Mountain. Also avoids the Power Line section and 1 mile of plowed road (down to dirt/mud) around Moxie Pond.

Jim Yearwood
Forks Area Trails Snowmobile Club
The Forks Maine Snowmobile Trail Map

Day riders, there is a FREE PARK & RIDE LOT at Northern Outdoors on Route 201. The large parking lot is plowed with plenty of room for snowmobile trailers and groomed access to all trails. The Park & Ride lot is marked with a large sign on Route 201, 1/4 mile south of Northern Outdoors. Snowmobile trail maps, 91 octane ethanol-free gas, and great food are available at Northern Outdoors.

On the trails with Zach

Zach took a ride today to give us a glimpse of the trails. Here’s your peak at the conditions on March 1, 2018- the good and the bad! If you want to get outside and see some beautiful scenery, you can still get there from here. Be safe out there!


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