Snowmobile Trail Update

There is groomed riding from the Capital Road heading north on ITS 87 to Parlin Pond and on ITS 89 north to Jackman.  Jackman has reported that they have groomed toward Pittston Farms, and Pittston Farms have groomed their trails.  Rockwood trails (ITS 88) are reportedly not groomed.

There is an updated map available at the front desk at the lodge. The highlighted sections are mostly logging roads, and have been packed by the groomers. Riding on these roads is pretty good, considering the minimal snow. The short sections through the woods that connect these logging roads are very rough, but passable.

There are rideable trails (with trailering) for those who want to get out on their machines. Remember it is early season and the base is just being established, so conditions are not prime. You can’t go 70 mph, but if you want to get out, enjoy the scenery and put on a few miles, there is enjoyable riding.

How to trailer to get to the riding

Set your odometer to zero at Northern Outdoors. Drive north on Route 201 for 13 miles. Take a right on the Capital Road. This is a plowed logging road. Always yield to logging trucks.  Follow the Capital Road for 0.9 miles where you will cross a small bridge over Cold Stream. As you are crossing the bridge, you can see the snowmobile bridge just upstream (north).  About 100 yards after crossing the bridge, there is a large parking area plowed out on the left. There is also a smaller parking area plowed out on the right. Park off to the sides of these plowed areas as best as possible, to allow others in there.  Unload and head north on ITS 87, toward Parlin Pond. Gas and food are available at Lake Parlin Lodge, and in Jackman and Pittston Farms.

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