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My boyfriend and another couple all went rafting this weekend, we stayed two nights. Within 6 minutes of being at the resort, I told my boyfriend I already couldn't wait to come back again. The atmosphere and kind faces of the staff hit me right away. The place is amazing with everything you would want all in one spot. I was so happy to see a bar, restaurant, HUGE hot tub, pool, a pool table, outdoor games, big screen TV's, karaoke and lots of happy people!

We arrived late on a Friday night, my two friends who had driven 6 HOURS after a full days work, were starving, but we were told the kitchen was closed. Huge bummer, but before we could get all disappointed, a man from the kitchen appeared and asked us if we wanted chicken finger baskets! He opened the kitchen back up to feed my starving friends. I think he was the head chef because I saw him around that weekend a lot, always smiling, making sure people were happy.

That was awesome. Anyway, the whole weekend was just perfect, Anna was our your guy and she rocked!!! She was fun and you could tell she knew what she was doing. The lunch on the river was not only delicious but very efficient as well. I was so humbled by all the tour guides were doing for us. I felt bad not helping but they insisted we relax, I was just really taken back by how the staff took such great care of us.

One of the coolest things was that they had a photographer snap pictures of the trip, which later that night they put into a slide show. Everyone in the resort gathered around to watch it and laugh, people make some seriously embarrassing faces while rafting, it was awesome. I actually had a feeling of community only being at the resort 2 days. It almost felt like a summer camp and the tour guides were our counselors. I loved that. Who doesn't want to go back to grammar school with counselors and fun activities all the time?!

So we had a great time, learned a lot about Maine, and got spoiled all weekend.

Our cabin was perfect and so conveniently placed. This resort is really just wonderfully run and so organized and it was apparent the staff like what they do, that means a lot to visitors.

And the cherry on top, after our 4 hour drive home, we got a call that I had left my pillow in the cabin…DOH!! But no worries, they shipped it to me, free of charge!! I got it 3 days later, now that is good hospitality.

I will definitely be coming back, with lots of my friends because I know they would appreciate all you guys do. Thanks for an awesome trip!!

Katie and Bruce

Katelin S
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Rating: 5 *****

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