Spring Fever

It was a fabulous day!
My friend Stephanie and I left Portland at 5:15 a.m. and enjoyed the scenic ride up, getting more excited the closer we got. From the moment we drove up in front, I knew this was going to be a magical adventure. The rustic lodge was perfect and all the staff who greeted us were so warm and inviting. It felt like being part of the family! We enjoyed a hardy breakfast and checking out the wonderful photos of the early logging days. Ryan came over to chat and tell us about the day. We instantly liked him and felt our last lingering anxiety melting away.

Next, all of the “rafters” gathered together for the entertaining orientation. It was wonderful to meet our boat mates and build some cohesion. The whole process of filling our paperwork and getting our equipment was very well organized and soon we were bouncing our way up to the Harris Station Dam listening to Ryan and Trevor’s stories, sprinkled with some of the history and local points of interest. By the time we were divided into the two teams and had practiced our maneuvers, we were ready to tackle our first whitewater. Dispite his jovial nature, Ryan was very professional and encouraging. Each challenge prepared us for the next. Getting a chance to jump off and get hauled back in removed the fear of getting knocked off. I loved the added treats of sitting in the waterfall, cannonballing from the ledge and the playful competition the the other team! Trevor and Ryan graciously took pictures for me to enjoy that the photographer couldn’t get. I smile each time I look at them.

Dispite the amazing few hours on the water, by the time we got back, I was ready to peal off my wetsuit, and ease into the hottub before enjoying the delicious steak lunch and try the raspberry beer with my new friends. I was a bit sore the next day but it connected me to the experience I will treasure for the next 28 years!

I plan to make the trip again in the fall as the leaves are turning!
Thanks so much guys! Have a great season!

Larry H
Portland, Maine

Rating: 5 *****

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