Surprise Trip!

When I organized my outing with Northern Outdoors, it was a surprise trip for my son. We have decided to take turns planning surprise trips with one another, taking alternating turns planning them. When I told my son what I had planned he was NOT excited to embark upon this journey with me.

As soon as we arrived, the staff was warm & welcoming. They quickly put our minds at ease, as we were both a little anxious. This was our first time white water rafting. When we were connected with our guide Dave, we were so excited to be a part of his raft! Our only regret is that we didn't try white water rafting earlier in the season, as we would have certainly taken advantage of what Northern Outdoors has to offer! In fact, we have researched coming back during the winter and trying a snowmobile package!

Erica S

Berwick, Maine

Rating: 5 *****

Mother and son Maine rafting trip

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