Sweeeeeet aMANzing Time

Wow I didn’t realize I would get free space to write this could be dangerous….Alright so this aMANzing trip was planned for a bachelor party and since I am the best man I am tasked with the crappy chore of planning, and guys typically SUCK at planning. I did a little digging on the internet for a rafting trip of some sort and found the complete package at Northern Outdoors. I called the phone rang once and within only 6 minutes…(yes it was 6 minutes because I counted) we had the rafting trip and cabin booked for 2 nights. I also appreciate the fact you guys remembered it was a bachelor party and paired us with 2 AMAZING guides (Kris and Mary) who stepped up big time and gave us an incredible bachelor party rafting trip complete with dumps (you know tipping us over in the river…not the other kind) awesome jokes and forever lasting smiles.

All the staff were friendly, courteous and went WAY out of their way to make sure we had an unforgettable trip. So I cheers my Big Mama Blueberry beer to you Northern Outdoors and the amazing trip you provided for us.

Thanks again for everything,

Topher F

Christopher F
West Hartford, CT

Rating: 5 *****

Bachelor Party Rafting Weekend

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