The Forks Area Snowmobile Trail Report with Important Trail Access Note

IMPORTANT TRAIL ACCESS NOTICE: To ride into or out of Northern Outdoors, we strongly recommend using the marked and groomed detour on the Kennebec River Trail and the Divide Road. The regular access trail behind the lodge has very severe ice on the hills and is not recommended. An experienced rider with picks could do it, but we recommend the detour. To leave Northern Outdoors, follow the Kennebec River Trail for 1 mile. At the one mile mark you will see a sign that directs you across Route 201 and up the Divide Road to ITS 87

The heavy rain put a severe hurt on our trails. Things are still draining out and freezing back up. Hazards are everywhere . . . . ice, water channels across trail, standing water, stumps/rocks poking through. Trails are very hard and very icy in spots. Good news is that there is still riding if you want to get out there. We don't recommended you cruise along at 60 mph, but if you want to get out and ride and enjoy the scenery, you can. Just pick your spots.

·        ITS 86 HEADING EAST FROM BERRY’S STORE TOWARD GREENVILLE AND ROCKWOOD   Intown trail is very poor. Water holes that need to freeze up and lack of snow. Trail is also poor for a couple miles heading out of town. Once on the Boise Road, things improve. Short ½ mile Power Line section near Moxie Pond is very poor. There are 2 miles of plowed road around Moxie Pond due to logging. One and one half miles of this is glare ice. The other ½ mile is down to gravel (around the dam at Moxie). Rest of the way after the plowed section still has decent snow. To go to and from the Greenville area we recommend using ITS 87, the Pleasant Pond Trail and the Bald Mountain Trail. This is longer, but will generally keep you on decent snow and avoid the Power Line and plowed road.

·        ITS 87 HEADING SOUTH TOWARD BINGHAM  Divide Road section has decent snow. Thin with rocks and stumps poking through on the short woods sections near Pleasant Pond and Moore’s Bog. Bare ground for almost a mile section on the south side of Moxie Mountain. ITS 87 is not recommended south of the Pleasant Pond Trail intersection.

·        PLEASANT POND TRAIL  Decent snow all the way through. As mentioned in first bullet point, we recommend this route to travel to and from the Greenville area.

·        BALD MOUNTAIN TRAIL FROM ITS 87 TO ITS 86  Decent snow most of the way.  

·        BREAKNECK RIDGE TRAIL  Not sure how this has held up on the Blanchard end. Check with Guilford club (4 Winds).

·        KENNEBEC RIVER TRAIL FROM NORTHERN OUTDOORS TO WEST FORKS  Not recommended. Lack of snow and one very steep hill with severe ice (Flood Road Hill).

 Bottom line is that we've got what we've got for now, and have to make do with marginal conditions until we see more snow. But, if you want to get out and ride you can. Just pick your places to ride and be careful.

 For day riders, there’s a FREE PARK AND RIDE LOT at Northern Outdoors on Route 201. The lot is very large, well plowed and will accommodate large trailers. A groomed trail from the parking lot directly accesses ITS 87 or the Kennebec River Trail. Gas (91 octane), food and trail maps are available at the main lodge.  Look for the big PARK AND RIDE sign on Route 201, just before Northern Outdoors.

 Jim Yearwood

Northern Outdoors Snowmobile Club

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