The Forks, Maine – Snowmobile Trail Report

Posted Tuesday December 23rd, 2008.

Depending on the exact location, we received between 24″ to 32″ of snow on Sunday. All snowmobile trail sections, except the Kennebec River Trail, were packed on Monday and groomed on Tuesday. There is plenty of snow on all sections, and the riding is very good. 


  • ITS 86 from Berry’s Store heading east toward Greenville.  Packed on Monday. Groomed on Tuesday.
  • ITS 87 around Moxie Mountain, heading south toward Bingham.  Packed on Monday. Groomed on Tuesday.
  • Bald Mountain Trail. This is the former ITS 87 on the east side of Moxie Lake. Packed on Monday. Groomed on Tuesday.
  • Kennebec River Trail.  Not opened yet. Will be opened on Dec 27 or 28.
  • Pleasant Pond Club Trail. Not opened yet. No schedule yet.
  • Breakneck Ridge Trail. Temporarily closed due to logging on Blanchard end.

As the trails are just getting opened up, please ride with caution at all times until we can get any early season obstacles taken care of.


Jim Yearwood

Northern Outdoors Snowmobile Club

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