The Forks Area Trail Network: Jan 8, 2014 Trail Report

Although we received a pretty good dose of rain on Monday, we still have plenty of snow and overall the riding is surprisingly good! There are a few problem spots noted below. The trails have frozen up very hard, but workable with the groomers. As the groomers work the surface and more sleds ride, the trail will “soften up” and should provide ample lubrication.  We will be grooming all 100 miles of The Forks Trail System over the next 3 days.

  • ITS 86 FROM BERRY’S STORE HEADING EAST TOWARDS GREENVILLE   The Boise Road section (about 3 miles) was plowed earlier in the season due to a logging operation (which has now moved out). Result is that this section had a hard packed base before the rain, and is now very icy. Not bare ground, but ice.  The Power Line section near Lake Moxie is rough, but passable.  The Shirley Road is plowed with an active logging operation for about 1.5 miles. Icy through there. Watch for trucks.
  • ITS 88 FROM ITS 86 INTERSECTION HEADING WEST TOWARD ROCKWOOD  Has decent snow cover and is groomed.
  • ITS 87 HEADING SOUTH TOWARD BINGHAM  First 2 miles on Boise Road and Divide Road are icy due to the road being plowed earlier in the season because of logging (which has now moved out). Good snow cover the rest of the way. There is an active logging operation on the Hangtown Road, where we are sharing the road for ½ mile. Icy and watch for trucks.  Check out the 3 mile spur trail up to the Moxie Mountain Lookout. Spectacular views of Sugarloaf and the Bigelows!
  • CARATUNK SPUR TRAIL  Groomed with good snow.
  • BALD MOUNTAIN TRAIL  Plenty of snow with good riding.
  • BREAKNECK RIDGE TRAIL  We have not groomed our 4 mile section yet. Will try to get to it this week.
  • PLEASANT POND TRAIL  Plenty of snow and good going all the way through.
  • KENNEBEC RIVER TRAIL  Groomed all the way from Northern Outdoors into town.

For day riders, there’s a FREE PARK & RIDE LOT at Northern Outdoors on Route 201. The lot is very large, well-plowed and will accommodate large trailers. The entrance to the lot is ¼ mile south of Northern Outdoors. It is marked with a large sign on Route 201. Groomed access to all trails. Trail maps, 91 octane gas, food are available at NO.

There’s decent riding to be had!  Ride carefully.

Jim Yearwood
Northern Outdoors SC

Northern Outdoors Snowmobiling

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