The Forks maine – Snowmobile Trail Conditions Report

We still have about 20" of snow on the ground, but the warm daytime temperatures and strong sun are taking their toll on the trails. We have halted grooming operations in The Forks, but there is still enjoyable trail and off trail riding in the area. All 70 miles of The Forks Snowmobile Trail System are rideable as noted below. Short plowed road sections (intown, Boise Road, Moxie Lake) are bare, but you can usually get up on the shoulders. Springtime conditions so RIDE WITH CAUTION.
• ITS 86 FROM BERRY’S STORE IN WEST FORKS, HEADING EAST TOWARD GREENVILLE.  Intown trail is passable, but is getting a number of bare spots. You can stay on snow most of the time with some "bobbing and weaving". Once out of town things improve. Couple bare spots in the clearcuts near Mosquito Mountain. Power Line near Moxie Lake is still holding up well, but the tops of some rocks and stumps are starting to poke through. Shirley Road and Brochu Road sections have good snow.
• BALD MOUNTAIN TRAIL.  Still plenty of snow on and off trail.
• BREAKNECK RIDGE TRAIL.  Closed due to logging.
• ITS 87 HEADING SOUTH TOWARD BINGHAM.  Good snow most of the way. A few bare corners here and there. Still plenty of snow around Moxie Mountain.
• PLEASANT POND TRAIL. Decent riding all the way through from ITS 87 to the Bald Mountain Trail.
• KENNEBEC RIVER TRAIL.  Not recommended for riding. It is passable, but there’s several bare spots on some of the hills.
Still enjoyable spring riding in the area, but it’s going fast! Best off trail riding is off the Shirley and Brochu Roads (ITS 86), and around Moxie Bald Mountain (Bald Mountain Trail), Pleasant Pond Mountain (Pleasant Pond Trail), and Moxie Mountain (ITS 87). 
There is still good trail riding from Berry’s Store in West Forks, heading north. The Forks Area Recreation Club (FARC) plans to continue grooming their trails through the weekend. ITS 86 to Grand Falls, ITS 89 over Coburn Mountain to Jackman, ITS 87 toward Rockwood, and the Alpine Trails will all be groomed and have plenty of good trail riding. Jackman is also continuing to groom and reports good trail riding.
Jim Yearwood, Trailmaster
Northern Outdoors Snowmobile Club

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