The Forks Maine – Snowmobile Trail Report

We have halted grooming operations on The Forks Snowmobile Trail System. There is some riding out of the Lodge, if you want to just get out and explore around on and off trail. You can ride up the hill behind the Lodge. There is some bare ground on a couple of the pitches going out, where you will grind for 10 feet or so. Once on the road system at the top of the valley, the cover is better. Do not attempt to ride the Kennebec River Trail . . . lots of bare ground. Also don’t recommend trying to ride to Berry’s Store on ITS 86/87, as the 1 mile of intown trails are pretty scratchy. Not impossible, but not pleasant. The 1 mile section of ITS 86 on the plowed road at Moxie Lake, is down to the ground. Most other trail sections are generally ok and rideable.
For best riding, we recommend trailering to Berry’s Store in West Forks, and riding north from there. From Berry’s, ride ITS 87 north. Do not attempt to ride ITS 86 west along the Dead River . . . . very boney for at least 2 miles. West Forks, Bulldog and Jackman clubs all report plenty of snow in most areas, and are still grooming.

Jim Yearwood, Trailmaster
Northern Outdoors Snowmobile Club

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