The Forks Maine – Snowmobile Trail Report

We received another 10 inches or so of snow Sunday night. Should groom out real nice!  All 70 miles of The Forks Snowmobile Trail System are being groomed on a regular basis with our two Tucker Terra Sno-Cats. This week, the entire trail system will be groomed on each of Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. We have a great base of snow and with the seasonal temperatures the trails will set up firm.
• ITS 86 FROM BERRY’S STORE IN WEST FORKS, HEADING EAST TOWARD GREENVILLE.  In excellent shape. Short Power Line section which was rough, should groom out well with this new snow.
• BALD MOUNTAIN TRAIL.   This is the former ITS 87 on the east side of Moxie Lake. Great riding all the way.
• BREAKNECK RIDGE TRAIL.  Closed for the season, due to heavy logging and plowed roads on the Blanchard end.
• ITS 87 HEADING SOUTH TOWARD BINGHAM.  Fine shape all the way. The couple of short rough spots around Pleasant Pond should groom out flat with the new snow. This trail winds around the base of Moxie Mountain for several miles, with outstanding views of the rocky summit. There’s also fine off trail riding in the basin on the west side of the mountain, with expansive views of Sugarloaf Mountain and The Bigelow Range.
• PLEASANT POND CLUB TRAIL.  Now open and groomed. There is a 1/2 mile section that is rough, but will be greatly improved.
• KENNEBEC RIVER TRAIL.  Open and groomed all the way through from Northern Outdoors to Berry’s Store in West Forks. Scenic riding along the Kennebec River.
All in all, things look great, with very enjoyable riding to be had in the area. Now’s the time to ride!  As the snow gets deeper, more and more animals are using the trails to get around. Moose, deer and turkeys have all been spotted on the trails, day and night. Ride with caution at all times.
For day trippers, there’s a FREE PARK AND RIDE LOT at Northern Outdoors Resort on Route 201. Gas, trail maps, food, restrooms and trail info are available right at the Lodge. Call 888-770-SLED for details.
Jim Yearwood, Trailmaster
Northern Outdoors Snowmobile Club

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