They’ll be talking about this one for weeks, folks….

Every expectation I had for this place was surpassed. I’m writing as part of the bachelor party that was there for July 8-10th. As the planner and organizer of this trip, I think it’s important to mention how easy the front desk attendants made it for me to book this trip. When dealing with a bunch of 20-something cash strapped guys, getting large sums of money up front months in advance can prove troublesome, so the fact I was able to put down payments and add and cancel people with a quick phone call made things much easier.

The amenities were also exceptional. The trip wouldn’t have been what it was without the pool, hot tub, and bar. As it was, we found it hard to leave when Sunday arrived, and stayed til after noon! The campsite and cabin tents were also high above my expectations. We were secluded enough where we felt like we were actually camping in the woods and not a campsite, but with a bathroom and comfy beds nearby. It was fantastic.

Lastly, it was the employees that made the experience truly special. Emily and Mary, if you get to hear this, you deserve a special thanks. Your jokes were hilarious, and you handled our shenanigans with joyful ease. Hopefully Doore didn’t ruin twinkies for you. Ha! Sorry if we caused any serious mayhem! I can only hope that everyone else there had as much fun as we did. Numerous people in our group came up to me and said that it would be a hard weekend to beat in the future, and it was one of the best trips many of them had ever taken. So thanks again for making this trip so spectacular. It was perfectly suited to all of our needs, and fit those who liked the comforts of home as well as it did for those of us who couldn’t care less about taking a shower.

PS. Here is a quick list of things I still laugh about on the daily that happened during that trip….

1) Goodwin (the HUGE guy) poking his head around the corner during the pre-raft safety meeting and walking all the way to the back while we cheered…
2) Our guides jokes and the banana boats
4) Pool Volleyball

Thanks again Northern Outdoors,


Mike M
Lee, NH

5 *****

Bachelor Party Weekend
Kennebec River Rafting

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