Video of the Week: High Water Fourth of July Kennebec River Rafting

Traditionally, the first Monday of July is known as Turbine Test Day for Kennebec River Rafting. Why?  Well here’s a bit more on why.

The location where we put our rafts in the water to begin the day, known as the Harris Station put-in, is just below Harris Station Dam.  On days deemed Turbine Test Day, all four of the turbines at the dam are run at full “test” capacity thus releasing 8,000+ CFS of water.  That’s more water then we see on an average day of rafting the Kennebec River, which means a lot of fun and a stellar way to experience Maine whitewater rafting.

This is an “aggressive, high adventure white water rafting trip” … only those with a “GO FOR IT!” attitude should sign up.

In this Kennebec River rafting clip of the week, you’ll see big waves and folks running a rapid that only forms at higher water levels – Maytag.  Just like the washing machine, Maytag will spin ya up, down and all around.  Take a look!

There are only 2 dates left this year to experience Turbine Test Day for Kennebec River rafting, September 10 & September 24.  Come have some high water Maine whitewater rafting fun!

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