Visit Northern Outdoors for Reciprocal Snowmobile Weekend

Happy Adventure Seekers on a Guided Snowmobile Trip

Happy Adventure Seekers on a Guided Snowmobile Trip

Every year New England states celebrate the camaraderie of snowmobiling with the Annual Reciprocal Snowmobile Weekend. During this weekend, adventure seeking snowmobilers with current registrations in any of these 3 states can ride in any of the other states free!  That means this is a great chance for you to come explore The Forks Area Trail Network at Northern Outdoors!

Some quick facts about the 2016 Reciprocal Weekend:

  • This years Reciprocal Snowmobiling weekend will fall from January 29th to the 31st.
  • Snowmobile enthusiasts can enjoy the trails in neighboring states shared by New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.
  • All snowmobiles legally registered in Maine will be able to operate on New Hampshire trails during the three-day open weekend.
  • All snowmobiles legally registered in New Hampshire will be able to operate in Vermont and Maine during the reciprocal weekend.

Reciprocal weekend fills up fast and the weather has been perfect, so if you think you’d like to explore Maine and experience the true snowmobiler’s paradise of Northern Outdoors and The Forks Area recommended rides, scope out your lodging options here or give us a call at 888-770-SLED or 207-663-4466.

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