What Snowmobiling in The Forks Maine Looks Like

We have found a friend with one of those wickedly cool Go Pro Helmet cameras, who decided to test out his new toy on the Maine snowmobile trails behind Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort.
We don’t need to say much in this blog, just watch the video! Brian Crater cruised on the open ITS Maine snowmobile trails from The Forks to Moxie Pond. This is the Moxie Mountain/Pleasant Pond loop description on our Maine Snowmobile Trails page.

Thanks Brian!

Northern Outdoors turns into a full-on snowmobile resort in winter, designed by and for snowmobilers. It makes sense – we have direct access from the lodge and cabin doors onto Maine’s 13,000 mile long ITS snowmobile trail system.  Yamaha has chosen to test their newest machines here at Northern Outdoors for two years running, (more on that next) and riders appreciate the carefully groomed trails, 1 and 2-up rental sleds, cabins, onsite Kennebec River Pub & Brewery and a lot more.

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