Who Needs California When You Can Dream of Maine

Birch Trees at Wyman Lake Maine - Credit PLCPhotoCalifornia dreaming?  Who needs it!  Maine is a state where visitors regularly state in awe “I had no idea this state is so beautiful!”  Often they turn to natives and say, “Do you realize how beautiful your state is?”  To which we reply, “Every day.”

The beauty of coming to Maine, whether it’s for Maine family vacations, maine whitewater rafting,  a wedding, a romantic weekend getaway or to explore some of the best fishing and hiking in the north east, is that visitors get to experience the joy and awe that those of us who live here get to appreciate year round.

We’re more than quaint coastal villages and lobster.  We’re mountain vistas, cold deep lakes, winding backroads, moose and birds and wildflowers.  We’re great camp sites with loons crying in the night and we’re luxury cabins in cool woods.  Not everyone gets to live here and say, “Every day.”  But everyone deserves the opportunity to ask “Do you realize…?”

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