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Kennebec River Maine White Water Rafting Vacations

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The Kennebec River Is Maine’s Most Popular White Water Rafting Trip: May-October

The Kennebec offers consistent Class II-IV white water rafting all summer and fall. This famous river corridor carves from Canada through the Upper Kennebec's rock-walled gorge and broadens out into the easygoing Lower Kennebec. Your trip ends just upstream of our Adventure Resort in The Forks.

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Kennebec White Water Rafting: Daily Trips May - October

Kennebec Whitewater Rafting   High Adventure Sport Rafts   Kennebec Family Rafting
Fantastic whitewater fun and scenery through the spectacular Kennebec River Gorge. Full day trip includes gourmet grilled lunch on the best beach on the river. Ages 8 and up.   Want to get even closer to the whitewater action? Upgrade to the smaller, lighter, faster high adventure sport rafts for an even bigger ride. Request at booking.
  White water rafting is simply one of the best family vacations you can have. Time to connect, play, unwind, and taste adventure - oh yeah! Ages 8 and up.

Two Different Kennebec River Trips: Turbine Test High Water Releases & Gentle Lower Float Trips

Kennebec Turbine Tests - Northern Outdoors
Kennebec Turbine Test High Release Trips
  Kennebec River - Northern Outdoors Lower Kennebec Float Trips

See the Kennebec Regular Whitewater and Turbine Test High Release Trips in Action!

Kennebec River Rafting - Northern Outdoors


Maine Rafting, High Water on the Kennebec River with Northern Outdoor

Watch more of our Rafting Video-of-the-Week series  to see what a Northern Outdoors rafting vacation is all about. Features the Kennebec, Penobscot, and Dead Rivers.

What's So Special About The Kennebec River?
  • Scenery: Ooh. Deep,rock-walled gorge broadens out to carpets of forests, playful rapids, and chances to see wildlife like eagles, moose, otter, and more.
  • Whitewater Rapids: exciting BIG waves of the Upper Kennebec Gorge with Big Mama, Three Sisters, Magic Falls, and more.
  • Food: Gourmet grilled lunch at the best location on the river: wide, sunny beach! Salmon, anyone?
  • Playtime: This river is designed for FUN! Great swimming spots and the chance to paddle your own nimble inflatable kayak on the Lower section after lunch
  • No Long Bus Ride: Short shuttle drive back to hot tub, swimming pool, cabins, and brewpub!
  • Boat Choices: Yep, you can rent a smaller High Adventure Raft and get totally smacked by the waves at Three Sisters! For those who love action!
  • Video and Photo Slide Show: Yes! We're the only outfitter on the river who videos and photographs every trip. The post trip show is hilariously entertaining - we promise!

TRIP DETAILS What you need to know
Minimum Age
  • Kennebec Whitewater Rafting: Upper Gorge section 10 years (Class 3-4) and Lower section 8 years (Class 2-3)
  • Kennebec Turbine Tests: age 15, learn more here.
  • Kennebec Float Trips: age 8, learn more here.
Meeting Time & Location 8:00am at Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort in The Forks, Maine
What to Bring See our Rafting FAQ. Wetsuits, booties, & paddling jackets are available for rent in cool weather.
Trip Length & Duration 12 miles, Full day, includes lunch on the river
Season Dates May 7 - October 10, 2016
Check Availability & Book Kennebec River Rafting trips
Pricing $69 - $139 per person, not including taxes and fees
Waiver Forms
Every participant must sign our rafting waiver form. Download our Participation Waiver Form
Trip Photos Yes, available for sale post trip along with a video! See trip photos here.
River Fees A user fee of $5.00 per person to cover road access to the river and a levy paid to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife will be added to each rafting guest.

What's the Difference Between the Upper and Lower Sections of the Kennebec River?

The Upper Gorge has bigger whitewater and we require kids to be age 10 and up. The lower section has less intense whitewater and age requirements are 8 years old and up. 

How does the Kennebec white water rafting trip work if my kids are age 8 or 9?

Kids 10 years old and up can raft the Upper Kennebec section of the river in a paddle raft.  Kids 8 & 9 years old can raft the Lower section of the river in a paddle raft. Your younger kids stay with you for the entire pre-trip orientation at the resort and the bus ride to the dam and Upper Gorge. After waving you off at the put-in, your children are supervised by our support staff for about an hour and a half as you tackle the Class IV rapids of the Upper Gorge. The younger kids rejoin the group at Carry Brook, across from our river side lunch beach. After a gourmet grilled lunch, everyone spends the afternoon on the lower river, paddling through some easier rapids, swimming, and trying out the inflatable kayaks.

Choose a High Adventure Sport Raft: Smaller, Faster, Closer to the Whitewater!

High adventure sport raft - Northern Outdoors
High Adventure Sport Rafts
  Standard Size Raft - Northern OutdoorsStandard Size Rafts

Want some serious extra thrills added to your day rafting on the Kennebec? Try one of our High Adventure Sport rafts (we call 'em Diablos). Specially designed for a livelier ride, these rafts are shorter, narrower, and have a smaller tube diameter that puts you up close and personal with the river. Only 4-6 guests, plus a guide, fit in a High Adventure Raft, whereas our standard size rafts take up to 8 guests, plus a guide.

Note: High Adventure Sport rafts are NOT available for any Turbine Test Releases, believe us, you want the big rafts for that day!!
  • Recommended for experienced paddlers only, minimum age of 15 years old.
  • Available May, June, September, and October. Weekdays only in July & August.
  • Minimum 4 people required for trip departure
Your Family Package was a great way to introduce our two suburban, TV loving children to the wonders of Maine. And, it didn't hurt that the whitewater rafting was more exciting than any theme park ride! Our family will definitely be back.

– Jim M. - Norwalk, CT
Just had the best time ever rafting the Kennebec. Will be back to do Dead River and the Penobscot. Thank you all for such a fantastic time. The staff/ guides are all stars. Hopefully see you all next year

– Catherine L.