Family Adventures

Unplug from the day to day hustle and bustle for the perfect family adventure at The Forks Adventure Resort. Tons of family friendly activities are available to entertain you throughout the day, plus a pool and hot tub back at the resort’s brewpub means ultimate relaxation for ALL members of the family!

Two Locations for Maine Family Adventures

Northern Outdoors has two locations with a ton of amenities to create a memorable family vacation. The Forks Adventure Resort is our flagship resort, with an outdoor pool, hot tub, game room, brewpub with full restaurant, and a variety of lodging options, from riverside camping to private cabins. Book a guided fishing trip, rent an ATV or SxS, or raft the Kennebec or Dead River. Northern Outdoors’ Katahdin Adventure Basecamp is located in Millinocket, Maine and is our home base for whitewater rafting on the class V Penobscot River. The Penobscot River, for ages 14+, is for the thrill seeking family – pair it with a hike into Maine’s Highest Peak, Mt Katahdin!

Kids Raft at 30% Off!

Kids under 18 years old raft for 30% off on the Kennebec River and Penobscot River, Monday through Friday, from June – August! Be sure to select the right rafting trip for your kids’ ages, as each trip is different – see below for age limits and descriptions! Need some inspiration? Here are three top family vacation itineraries for a trip to Northern Outdoors.

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Kennebec River Rafting

If Your Kids Are 10+
They can raft both the upper and lower sections of the fantastic Kennebec River on this full-day white water rafting adventure. You’ll all enjoy the class 4 rapids of the Upper Gorge, then a wonderful riverside grilled lunch on the beach near Carry Brook. After lunch, kids love to captain their own inflatable kayaks on the friendly and easy-going lower section of the Kennebec River.
If Your Kids Are 8+
Kids eight (8) and up can join you on the Kennebec River Rafting trip and raft & ducky the lower section of the Kennebec. Your younger kids stay with you for the entire pre-trip orientation at the Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort and the bus ride to the dam and Upper Gorge. After waving you off at the put-in, your children are supervised by our support staff for about 1.5 hours while you raft the Upper Kennebec section. They’ll meet up with you at Carry Brook for that tasty grilled lunch.

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Penobscot River Rafting Falls

Penobscot River Rafting

If Your Kids Are 14+

Kids 14 -17 raft the entire amazing Penobscot River, starting with the renowned Class 4 and 4+ whitewater of Ripogenous Gorge through the rip-roaring Crib Works. After the excitement of the top section of the Penobscot, it’s time to catch your breath with an awesome grilled steak, chicken, salmon or vegetarian lunch. Then you’re off to paddle the class 3/4 lower section of the Penobscot River. Watch for moose and osprey in the lower Penobscot as you approach the spectacular views of Mt. Katahdin, Maine’s highest peak, on river left.

If Your Kids Are 12+

Kids 12-13 can raft the lower section of the Penobscot River just after the 2 ½ miles of big class 4+ rapids in Ripogenous Gorge. Northern Outdoors support staff will watch the kids for the approximately one hour after the others put-in at the top of the river. The kids rejoin the group below the Crib Works, in time for that tasty grilled lunch and paddling the class 3/4 lower section of the Penobscot River.

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Dead River rafting celebrate

Dead River Rafting

If Your Kids Are 14+

Raft the Dead River in one of only 8 special releases each season. The Dead River is non-stop action with a wide open river and class 4+ rapids. Note: our Kids Half Price Rafting Special only applies to weekday rafting during the summer, so that includes regular releases on the Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers. The Dead River only has spring and fall releases, usually on weekends.

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River float trip with kids

Kennebec Float Trip

If Your Kids Are 8+

For kids eight (8) and up, the Kennebec Float Trip is the ideal river. This gentle, flowing lower section of the Kennebec introduces river rafting to beginners of all ages. Learn more about the Kennebec Float Trip.

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