Video Gallery

Maine Rafting, Snowmobiling and Vacation Videos by Northern Outdoors

Epic Opening Weekend Storm 
The first 2016-2017 Snowmobile Season Ride Report is in. Two feet of fresh snow and huge fun for opening weekend!

Cruising Along the Kennebec River 
This 2016 winter trail report includes ITS87, the frozen Kennebec River and ends at the Kennebec River Brewery.

What’s Snowmobiling Like at Northern Outdoors?
The 2017 snowmobile season is off to a strong start with great snowpack, happy riders and The Forks’ scenic trail network.

Snowmobiling Tour to Grand Falls
This popular ride goes to magnificent Grand Falls on the Dead River.

Moxie Mountain Scenic Lookouts
The views from Moxie Mtn make it a favorite day trip from the lodge.

A Northern Outdoors Special Maine “Snow Day”
Deer, Eagle Rescue, Groomer Driving Lesson, this isn’t your typical “snow day”.

Fall High Water Releases: Up Next
Want big fun? Kennebec Turbine Tests & Dead River trips this fall.

Nesowadnehunk Falls- Penobscot Surfing
This is what surfing rafts look like!

Kennebec River Rafting – GoPro Edition
This is what Summer “faceshots” are all about!

Maine Whitewater Rafting
Kennebec, Penobscot & Dead Rivers

Dead River Rafting
Overview with 2016 release dates.

What’s at Northern Outdoors
Sweet overview by Resorts & Lodges.

McCarthy Family Tradition
25 years of rafting vacations with us!

Katahdin Adventure Base Camp
See what adventures are possible here!

Whitewater Guide Training
What’s it take to be a raft guide?