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Get a quote or make a reservation at one of our two locations by clicking the ‘Make a Reservation’ button below.  Or Call Us 800-765-7238 for Your Maine Adventure Vacation – Year-round!

Note: Our Katahdin location is 3 hours away from The Forks. Kennebec & Dead River rafting, snowmobiling, ATV trails, and fishing trips take place at Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort in The Forks. Penobscot Rafting and Katahdin Abol Bridge Camping and lodging take place at the Katahdin Adventure Base Camp in near Millinocket on the Penobscot River.


To book or add a snowmobile rental/tour or a guided fishing trip to your reservation, please call us at 800-765-7238.

The Forks Maine rafting adventure resort map - Northern Outdoors

Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort
Rafting & Snowmobiling

Kennebec & Dead River Rafting
Cabin Rentals
Kennebec River Campground
The Forks, Maine

Maine Rafting Katahdin base camp - Northern Outdoors

Katahdin Adventure Base Camp

Penobscot Rafting
Abol Bridge Campground
Abol Bridge Bunkhouses
Outside Millinocket, Maine