Coburn Mountain: The Peak of Maine Snowmobiling

Snowmobile map Northern to Coburn Mt.

At 3,717 feet, Coburn Mountain is the highest groomed snowmobile trail in Maine. It has become a northeast snowmobiling bucket list item. It’s our local sled peak. We love the ride to Coburn Mountain and the trail up the mountain. If you’re looking for a guided snowmobile tour Coburn Mountain may be a destination option depending on your riding skill level and the trail conditions. When the trail conditions are good, experienced riders can easily bag the peak.

The dead end trail up the mountain is two miles long, climbing 2,500 feet to the open summit. The trail is divided into two sections with a spot to turn around in between. The first section to the radio repeater tower is groomed regularly and easily doable by any rider. The final one mile from the repeater tower to the top is recommended only for experienced riders. It is a narrow, winding, steep trail which is groomed only when conditions allow.




The Coburn Mountain trail can be crowded on a sunny Saturday. Ride weekdays to quietly enjoy some of the best views in Maine snowmobiling.

For 360 degree views of the Maine mountains, from Mt Katahdin to Sugarloaf, climb the sturdy tower at the top.

In the old days we used to groom Coburn Mountain (that’s Jim Yearwood on the summit.) Now you can thank Coburn Summit Riders for braving the mountain with their groomers.

Snowmobile groomer on Coburn Mountain

Watch this video to see what it’s like to ride down Coburn Mtn on a beautiful spring day with a freshly groomed trail…

It’s a different ride in every snow condition. Stay on top of trail reports with our snowmobile trail conditions updates.

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