Maine White Water Rafting Trips on the Kennebec, Penobscot & Dead Rivers

Welcome to the heartland of Maine and the best white water rafting in New England! Three incredible rivers, gorgeous scenery, astounding wildlife, and expert Maine Registered Guides who know the rivers and fun. Choose from three rivers that accommodate all skill levels and ages 8-80! We’ve been running these natural rollercoasters since 1976,  we can easily help you find the right river to raft.


Whether you’re a newcomer to white water river running, an action family ready to play, an explorer out for adventure, or part of a fun posse, you’ll find your ideal rafting vacation here at Northern Outdoors. Choose from Maine’s three unique white water rivers: the Kennebec, the Penobscot, and the Dead. Enjoy a post-trip microbrew or cabin at the Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort in The Forks, Maine after Kennebec and Dead River trips, or if you head to the Penobscot, take advantage of all the activities available at our Katahdin Adventure Base Camp. All trips include a grilled lunch!

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Choose your adventure… or raft all three rivers!

Kennebec River Rafting

Rollicking guided trip from rock-walled Upper Gorge to easygoing lower section


All experience levels, Ages 10+

Penobscot River Rafting

Thrilling guided trip through class 4-5 wilderness rapids.



Adventurers Ages 14+

Dead River Rafting

Only 8 releases per season on a guided trip through New England’s BIGGEST whitewater.



Adventurers Ages 14+

Kennebec River Turbine Tests

Only 4 high water special releases per season, with non-stop whitewater action.


Adventurers Ages 14+

Kennebec River Float Trip

Afternoon laid-back, self-guided float trip on the gentle lower, lower Kennebec section.


All experience levels, Ages 8+