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Maine Snowmobile Club for The Forks Area Trail Network

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Join the Club – Support The Forks Area Snowmobile Club and Trail System

The Forks Trail System is comprised of approximately 100 miles of ITS, municipal and club trails connecting The Forks area with West Forks, Greenville, Bingham, and beyond. The Forks Area Trails Club maintains and grooms this trail system with three (3) Tucker Terra 2000 Sno-Cats pulling 18-09 Mogul Master drags. Both of these rigs go out 4-7 times per week, depending on temperature, snowfall, and traffic, and are operated by our core grooming team. We have extremely dedicated drivers who work long over night hours to maintain the trails they themselves love to ride. We are grateful for their commitment to our region and to our trail system!

In an average year, we log 500 hours on each rig. They each eat about 5.0 gallons of fuel per hour, for a total of about 5,000 gallons of fuel each season . . .a lot of money! On top of that, there is the cost of regular maintenance and repair of equipment breakdowns. If you’re a regular visitor to The Forks and enjoy the riding, please support our efforts and join the club! You will take great satisfaction in knowing that you are helping to maintain one of the State of Maine’s best trail systems. We greatly appreciate your support!

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Individual Memberships – $45

Family Memberships – $65

Business Memberships – $75

Or, mail application & payment to:

Northern Outdoors
1771 US Route 201
The Forks, ME 04985

The Forks Trail System and Grooming Route

  • ITS 86 from Berry’s Store in West Forks heading east toward Greenville. We turn around about 14 miles before Greenville.

  • ITS 87 heading south toward Bingham. We turn around 15 miles from Bingham. We also groom the 3 mile spur trail to the Moxie Mountain Overlook.

  • Bald Mountain Trail connecting ITS 86 with ITS 87.

  • Kennebec River Trail from Northern Outdoors to Berry’s Store in West Forks.

  • Pleasant Pond Trail connecting ITS 87 with the Bald Mountain Trail.

The trail system is designed with several “loops” and takes advantage of the areas many unique scenic landmarks, such as the Kennebec River and Moxie Mountain. Visit our snowmobile trail conditions reports to see the current report from The Forks Area Trails Club trailmaster.

The Forks Area Trail Map

Maps are available in the main lodge for a small donation to The Forks Area Trail Club. Click the image below to download the full map.

Snowmobile Trail Conditions

Every week our groomers report on trail conditions to give you the most up to date information. Check out our weekly trail reports below or sign up to receive the reports directly to your email

1983 was the beginning of snowmobiling in The Forks, Maine but it sure wasn't the end. Support our local club, which grooms trails towards popular destinations such as Grand Falls, Coburn Mountain, Greenville, and more... Bonus? Sign up and get entered into a FREE $100 gift certificate to Northern Outdoors / Kennebec River Pub & Brewery!

Professional snowmobile trail grooming: a night in the life! Eight hours a night, close to 120 miles of trail, meet the man behind the machine that helps maintain The Forks Area Trail Network - our snowmobile trail system here in The Forks, Maine

Most up-to-date snowmobile trail conditions for The Forks Area Trails Club, at the center of Maine's best snowmobiling! Report updated weekly, January through March.