A Great Campground

Northern Outdoors is a great campground. I initially thought it would be more rugged before I got there but it definitely can accommodate pretty much any type of person with it’s variety in lodging. The keystone to Northern Outdoors in my opinion is the main lodge. There are just so many unique things to look at in there and the architecture in general is awesome, plus the food is great. The staff was good and pretty much all of the facilities in general were good.

The bathrooms were kind of interesting and I see room for improvement there. Perhaps it would be good to keep the ruggedness to the bathrooms but update them. One of the downfalls of Northern Outdoors is the main road that passes right through it. It wasn’t a problem for me but I did hear trucks while sleeping.

Overall not only would I return, I will return with friends to raft and hike without a doubt, and also just to eat the food (love the big portions – keep that up).

Rating: Excellent
Will H
Lunenburg, Massachusetts


Northern Outdoors Campground

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