Awesome 2fer Wknd

Back again this past wknd with the boys. Decided to run the Dead w/high water and the Kennebec – what a great weekend. Not even the cold and rain could "dampen" our trip.

Friday night started, like many other trips, a little Blueberry from the brewery.

Saturday morning wake-up wasn’t early at all and we were on the Dead by 10ish. Great high water and constant paddling for the 14 miles – good stuff. Day ended with a little lunch, Blueberry, music by Suzy and the Smelts and fire by the cabin.

Sunday morning wake up was early for another trip, this time on the Kennebec. What a great ride. We must’ve hit every hit square on because we were all suffering with whiplash (jk) later in the day. We have had Victor for a few trips and he was amazing again – taking us to the edge and back again.

Already stoked for next year’s trip. Heading back to the Penobscot with a couple of class V newbies for a little class V action. Will be a blast again!

Thanks to everyone at NO, the brewery, guides and of course, Victor, for another great experience. Btw – the ride does have some cool nuances when it is cooler and rainy. Awesome!

Pelham, NH

Rating: 5 *****

Kennebec River Whitewater Rafting
Dead River Whiewater Rafting

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