A Most Awesome Trip

A bunch of “old” folks at the brink of turning forty wanted a weekend of fun, fresh air and excitement, away from kiddos, work and home chores. We were absolutely thrilled that we achieved that and more when we came for a weekend of camping and rafting!

Reserving campsites in advance, we were placed all together in an amazing little nook of the campground which was quiet, clean and had garbage receptacles at every campsite!!

Rafting was a blast – our guides were fun and managed to keep us in our boats (when necessary 🙂 and lunch on the river was delicious. Our post trip pub time was equally fun with the slide show, video and yummy beers to satisfy.

Overall, it was super fun! One of our friends said upon leaving “I knew this would be fun, but I had no idea of how fun it would actually be”. There you have it.

Rating: Excellent *****
Julie P
North Yarmouth, ME

Maine whitewater rafting


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