Family and friends hit the river

We (my family and our friends)booked the trip several months ago and were pleasantly surprised to get a lodge room, which were roomy and comfortable. The atmospere in the lodge was very relaxing and there was plenty to do for the kids, who want to go back!! This was our friends first trip rafting, anxious and nervous!!

The rafting was fun, although the unusual high water (8400) covered a lot of the rapids! This was my third trip on the Kennebec and first forthe two boys, who want to do the Penobscot next year! I am looking forward to my second trip on that river with the boys! After the experience, our friends want to go back too!

The guide, Emily was awesome! She knows the river and had the boat where it needed to be for the most fun. She even taught the kids how to steer and give commands!

Overall, great time, better beer from your taps(go with the Red!) and good food and service! I was last there inthe 90's and you still have a first rate resort!

Jeff S

Northbridge, Massachusetts

Rating: 5 *****

Family & Friends Whitewater Rafting Adventure

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