Riding in the Rain

With nothing but rain the past month here in New England, at some point you have to just say, “Enough-is-enough,” and get out and enjoy yourself regardless of the weather forecast.

Denis Fortin and his hardy crew of twenty or so motorcyclists from the Quebec, HOG Chapter did just that and braved the rain today on their annual ride south to The Forks.

Denis is no fair weather rider; last year he rode over 18,000 miles throughout eastern Canada and the U.S. This year he’s already traveled to Arizona and California with his wife and as the founder and president of the Can-Am Bike Festival he is hoping to attract over 10,000 motorcyclists to St.Agapit, Quebec for his inaugural bike festival aimed at bringing riders from Canada and the U.S.A together for three days of riding and festivities in August.

Northern Outdoors will be a destination for a daily ride for Festival goers and is designated as a lunchtime stop and meeting place for U.S. riders heading north to the event. For more details check out the motorcycle touring section of our website.


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