Trip to Maine & Canada

Arrived at Northern Outdoors on Friday, February 28, 2014. Check in and registration of the snowmobiles went fast and easy. Went right out and road 60 miles on the trails. The trails were unbelievable. Friday night ate at Northern Outdoors. The meal was huge and amazing. Saturday got up early and was on the trails by seven. Destination – Canada. The ride there was beautiful – trails great, lots of dear.

Got to Canada and thats where the problems began. If you decide to ride up and do not plan on going to customs in Canada you will have problems. We did not go through to Canada but instead decided to stop and just take a picture in front of the Canada sign. The problem was there was no clear signs on how to go back. We could either go straight which would lead us through customs in Canada, sign said we could not go left before customs which would bring us back through customs in the US and behind us were we just road up, the sign in the road said do not enter. We decided to go back down the trail we came on. Wrong decision. US customs came running out stopping us. We explained we never left the US. They were not nice. They told us to turn around and take a left into the US Customs. Spent the next 1/2 hour in the 24 below zero wind chill in US Customs. Not a very nice experience. Once they let us go, we headed back to Northern Outdoors.

I would advise anyone who is going to try to make it to Canada to be prepared to go through the Canadian Customs, turn around in Canada and then go through US Customs. Other than that the trip was great. Good food, nice accommodations and friendly staff at Northern Outdoors. Getting ready to book another trip for next year.

Rating: Excellent *****
Barbara G
Saugus, Massachusetts

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