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Every month we will select and notify a new winner from our E-News list for a monthly giveaway. What do you win? From September through February, we’ll hook you up with a $25 gift certificate to Northern Outdoors/Kennebec River Pub and Brewery. You can swing by off the trails for a bite to eat or a fresh beer, or put it towards a trailside cabin rental! Starting in March, we’re ready to think about whitewater rafting – so we’ll be giving away TWO FREE WHITEWATER RAFTING vouchers! The vouchers are good for rafting with Northern Outdoors on either the Kennebec River or the Penobscot River, subject to availability. You only have to enter once to be in the monthly drawing. You can unsubscribe from our bi-weekly newsletter at any time (but then you’d miss out on specials, events, and new videos. And we’d miss you.)

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Four Seasons of Adventuring in Maine

Spring, summer, and fall in The Forks, Maine is the time to play outside! We love the thrill of rafting some of Maine’s biggest rivers and filling in the time between river rides with other outdoor fun. Cruise the woods and scenery on an ATV with our ATV rentals. Slow the pace with your own locomotion and go for a hike or bike on the many trails. Get back on the water with a guided fly fishing or bass fishing trip or take one of our inflatable kayaks for a relaxing river float trip on the Kennebec River. Finish any adventure off with some great grub and brews at our brewery. Snow falling doesn’t mean it’s over, though — we LOVE getting on the snowmobile trails and heading towards Grand Falls, and ending the day with a Sledhead Red Ale at the pub! Rent a sled or trailer up your own – and don’t forget to get a trailside cabin!

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Maine Adventure Travel Guide
  • Opening Day on the Kennebec River
    When Will Rafting Season Begin in 2022? - Northern Outdoors opens for the 2022 summer season on May 6th with the first Kennebec River trip, May 7th for the first Dead River trip, and May 28th for the first Penobscot River trip. Whitewater rafting, hiking, biking, fishing, ATVing, and relaxing-- do it all at our adventure resort in The Forks, Maine.