Guided Snowmobile Touring in The Forks Maine (Never Get Lost Again!)

So what are the advantages of having an expert, professional snowmobile guide to show you all the best places to ride in The Forks Maine?

A LOT, it turns out!  Great trails, great terrain, best scenic views (picture opps!), best lunch spots, and you will never get lost – guaranteed. In a terrain set called a "Snowmobilers' Paradise" by SuperTrax International, covering 150 miles locally with access to Maine's renowned 13,00+ miles of ITS trail system, we know that expert guides make a lot of sense.

Here's our latest winter video about guided snowmobile touring in The Forks Maine with Northern Outdoors and Backcountry Expeditions.

Have fun – and come on up! We're getting a wicked nor'easter now and the 2013 snowmobile season is on Reset and Go!

Visit Northern Outdoors Guided Tours here.
Northern Outdoors Snowmobile Resort
Kennebec River Brewery

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