Romantic Getaway in The Forks, Maine

When Laura and Randy set out on their Central/Western Maine romantic getaway, they had a very limited plan. First, Northern Outdoors was their home-base. From there, they would snowmobile, snowshoe, drink margaritas, relax in their private cabin for two, and eat delicious food. Good plan, right? Right! With so much to explore right out their cozy cabin doorstep, the couple was never at a standstill of what to do with their day. They had a week off from work and a sense of adventure. They were ready.

Laura and Randy began their trip on Monday, arriving at Northern Outdoors mid afternoon. First things first: margaritas. Yes, Northern Outdoors is home to Kennebec River Brewery, but Laura and Randy are partial to their margaritas, and the house margaritas didn’t disappoint. After one (or two) margaritas, they settled into their cozy cabin for their first night.

Northern Outdoors’ free-standing cozy cabins are small, private cabins located behind Northern Outdoors, with a queen bed, bathroom and kitchenette. Although there’s no jacuzzi tub IN the cabin, there is a large hot tub on the deck at Northern Outdoors, making a perfect spot to relax and warm up after a day on the trails!

Cozy Cabin Snow

Day 1: Snowmobiling

Laura and Randy rented one double sled from Maine Outdoor Sports. They had a plan to ride to Lake Parlin Lodge for lunch, and then loop back to Northern Outdoors for a full, but relaxing, day of riding. With 10″ of fresh snow dropping just a few days prior to their trip, the two had perfect conditions for riding.

Snowmobile to Parlin Pond

That evening, the couple had made reservations at the popular and well regarded One Stanley Avenue restaurant, located one hour away in Kingfield. Chef Dan Davis is incredibly well regarded and serves up “classic cuisine of Maine” such as Maple Cider Chicken, Saged Rabbit with Raspberry Sauce and Dilled Lobster on Zucchini, just to name a few. Yum!

Herbert Inn Kingfield Maine
Photo, and more information, at

Day 2: Snowshoe to Moxie Falls

Their second day got off to a nice, slow start. After brewing up a fresh pot of coffee in their cabin, they sat on their deck in the chilly winter air and watched the deer moving along the trails behind the cabin. A snowshoe trip to Moxie Falls is the perfect way to get some exercise. At a mile in, and mostly flat, it’s the perfect afternoon stroll. We recommend snow shoes just in case, but it’s generally pretty packed down from winter travel.

Moxie Falls is an incredible site in the winter, too!
Moxie Falls is a great walk in, but you can also snowmobile here!

Day 3: Snowshoe on Maine Huts and Trails

Today the couple got up and moving quickly and headed for the Maine Huts and Trails access point in the West Forks. They brought their snowshoes and ventured out (or should we say up) for a few hours along the trail. The start of the MH&T in West Forks is steep, so it was slow going at first! But well worth the adventure, with views of the Dead River (which has great whitewater in the spring and fall) from up on the ridge…

Winter View of Kennebec River

Laura and Randy ended their night at Kennebec River Brewery, enjoying a Patron margarita from bartender and Kennebec River Angler’s fishing guide Chris Russell. After sampling margaritas down the Rt 201 line, Laura and Randy noted that Chris’ margaritas were the best! Important feat, if we do say so ourselves… nice work, Chris! 😉

Maine Lodge Fireplace

Day 4: Time to Head Home

All good things must come to an end, they say…so after a big breakfast at Kennebec River Brewery, the couple headed for home.

Even though Laura and Randy were born and raised (and raised five children of their own!) in Maine, they still find there’s so much to do here. From snowmobiling to snowshoeing, restaurant hopping to simply driving, the scenery and experiences are incredible. Follow Laura and Randy’s itinerary or make your own way- either way, we promise, Maine winter getaways are a true escape from the ordinary.

Need more ideas? Visit our Top 10 Things to Do in The Forks, with great ideas for adventurous couples in any season, such as whitewater rafting, fishing, hiking, ATVing, snowmobiling, brewery hopping, or just going for a drive!

Where is your favorite romantic getaway in Maine?


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    1. Good choice, Lisa! Riding Maine’s ATV trails, then relaxing in the hot tub after (with a beverage of choice) is a great getaway! Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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