Snowmobiling to Maine’s Tallest Waterfall: Moxie Falls

If we were making a list of Maine’s best snowmobiling destinations, Moxie Falls would top the charts… and it’s only a little over 10 miles by snowmobile trail from our Adventure Resort. There’s just something about waterfalls in the winter. Sometimes frozen, sometimes rushing whitewater, waterfalls track Maine’s wacky winter weather and remind us that we’ll be riding the waves of all this snow come May.

Take a ride with Luke D to the magic in our backyard woods at Moxie Falls…

***Please note: In the video, Luke snowmobiled in the road that crosses the trail at the .3 mile mark. The gate is now closed, so you can’t do that anymore– you have to walk in from the vehicle parking lot.

Directions: The snowmobile trail is groomed to C Moxie Outfitters camps. When you get to the camps cross the Moxie Road, turn left and park your sled in the vehicle parking lot in 200 yards. You have to walk 0.6 miles from the parking lot to the falls. Snowmobiles are not allowed on the hiking trail. The hiking trail in is not maintained in the winter — we recommend bringing snowshoes!


Directions to Moxie Falls by Snowmobile Trail

Ride the trail out of Northern Outdoors to the junction of ITS 87. Take ITS 87 north to the ITS 86 junction on the Boise Road. Follow ITS 86 west/ITS 87 north back toward The Forks, taking a right on the Moxie Falls spur trail. The Moxie Falls spur trail is approximately 3 miles. You can ride almost to the falls (it’s 0.3 miles from where you park your sled to the waterfall viewpoint.) After enjoying Moxie Falls, head back to ITS 86 west/ITS 87 north. Just before town, take the Kennebec River Trail back to Northern Outdoors to make it a loop that’s a little over 20 miles.

Snowmobile Trail Map - The Forks, Maine

For details on the snowmobile trails from Northern Outdoors to Moxie Falls see this ride report from Zach, February 2017…


The Beer at the End of the Trail

One of the things we really love about the ride to Moxie Falls… we’re never too far from a beer by the fire. (Yes, we serve Bud Light alongside our 8 fresh, craft brews on tap because we understand sometimes after a day of riding you need more water than hops. Hydration matters! Cheers, guys!)

Snowmobilers having a Beer by the Fireplace

Moxie Falls is not only a top snowmobile destination but it’s a great hike every season. Check out our Moxie Falls hiking photos and tell us about your adventures at Maine’s tallest waterfall!


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