Moxie Falls: One of the Highest Waterfalls in Maine and New England

With the fall foliage peaking, we decided to hike into Moxie Falls, the highest waterfall in Maine, one of the tallest waterfalls in New England, and a lovely mile long hike in the woods. The trailhead (directions on The Forks Maine Recreation Map) is 7 miles from Northern Outdoors, accessible via road or ATV trail (read about our ATV ride to Moxie Falls.)

Moxie Falls Trail

With the red, orange and yellow leaves crunching beneath our feet, and not a soul in sight we brought our Carrabassett Coffee along for a crisp, October morning stroll. The woods look magical on fall mornings.

Moxie Falls Trail Fall Foliage

As you approach the waterfalls, you can hear Moxie Stream rushing through the gorge. Moxie Stream flows from Moxie Pond into the Kennebec River (where we can be found whitewater rafting from May through early October.)

While autumn may be our favorite time for a hike into Moxie Falls, it’s a great waterfall hike every season. Summer means swimming in the pools above or below the waterfall (the pools above are easy to access, the pools below require some rock scrambling.)

Moxie Falls Summer Waterfall Swimming

Sometimes in the spring you can catch a waterfall rainbow.

Moxie Falls Waterfall Rainbow

In the winter you can snowmobile, or drive, to the Moxie Falls trail head and test out your Bean Boots as the crew from The Fashion Cookbook did: Hiking to Moxie Falls with LLBean.

Hiking to Moxie Falls with LLBean

Spring, summer, winter or fall, Moxie Falls is a must see Maine waterfall and an ideal short hike through the woods… even on rainy days (Rainy Day Maine Vacation video.)


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    1. Hmmm… good question. It is intended for pedestrian traffic, and there are multiple sets of stairs at the end. Could a bike make it? A mountain bike, yes, most likely. It would be important as always to ride right and in control, and to yield to pedestrians!

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