6 Stunning Maine Waterfalls to Add to Your Bucket List

When you’re hiking through the Maine woods, there’s a moment when you know you’re getting close–that moment when you hear rushing water somewhere in the distance. It’s just a quiet and steady “shhhhhh” right now, but as it gets louder, your eyes scan the trail for that first glimpse of cascading water.

If you’ve got an urge to go waterfall chasing, we’ve got good news: there are tons of hiking trails in Maine with waterfalls, and some of the best ones can be found in our neck of the woods. From The Forks to Baxter State Park, here are a few of our favorite Maine waterfall hikes (plus a couple that you’ll want to raft!).

Moxie Falls

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 1.2 miles (round trip)

The hike into Moxie Falls is an easy one, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s not worth the trip. It’s one of the most incredible waterfalls in Maine, and it’s a great hike year round. Catch gorgeous foliage in the fall, enjoy the stillness of nature in the winter months, watch the rushing waters during the spring runoff, and cool off with a swim on a hot summer day.

Moxie Falls from above

Moxie Falls - Maine Waterfall Swimming Hole in the summer

Moxie Falls is a great Maine waterfall hike in the fall

Grand Falls

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 0.8 miles (round trip)
Snowmobiling Distance: 70 miles (round trip from Northern Outdoors)

Grand Falls in West Forks, Maine is a bit off the beaten (paved) path and well worth the trip. These horseshoe falls span 100 feet across and are 40 feet tall, offering an impressive and scenic view anytime of year. During warmer months, it’s a short hike into the falls from the trail head, and during the winter, snowmobiling to Grand Falls from Northern Outdoors makes a great full day of sledding. One of the best parts of these waterfalls is their proximity to the Maine Huts & Trails Grand Falls Hut–stop by to enjoy a great lunch if you’re there during their winter or summer full-service seasons.
Maine Waterfalls - Grand Falls in the winter

Fishing at Grand Falls in Maine

Magic Falls

Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Rafting: Class IV rapids
Distance: 4 miles (round trip)

If you’re looking for a tall cascading set of falls, Magic isn’t the answer. But it’s perfect if you want some great rapids to raft. Magic is a Class IV whitewater rapid on the Kennebec River, and the best way to experience it is being IN the water.

It’s the highlight of a whitewater rafting trip on the Kennebec, and if you’re lucky, you might come out of it with a crazy story to tell. (Don’t worry, our guides prep you for what to expect before you run Magic.) At the very least, you’ll have an epic photo from Rapid Shooters to prove that you conquered it.

If you’d prefer to stay dry, you can also hike into Magic Falls to watch raft after raft disappear into the wave.

Whitewater rafting with Northern Outdoors through Magic Falls on the Kennebec River in Maine

Whitewater rafting with Northern Outdoors through Magic Falls on the Kennebec River in Maine

Nesowadnehunk Falls

Rafting: Class IV rapids
Distance: Short walk from parking

These falls are unlike any other on the Penobscot River and perhaps all of Maine. A heart-pumping adrenaline rush when you run them on a whitewater rafting trip, Nesowadnehunk Falls are Maine’s “whitewater playground.” What could be better? Check out why our guides and rafters love these rapids! Need a place to crash? Stay at these lakeside cabins situated between Millinocket and Ambajejus Lakes!


Blueberry Ledges

Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Distance: 4.2 miles (round trip)

The best waterfalls are the ones you don’t just look at–but the ones you can play in. If you agree, head up to Blueberry Ledges in Baxter State Park for one of the best swimming holes in Maine (head here for more trail details). Here, the Katahdin Stream flows over granite rocks to create natural water slides.

Aptly named for the wild blueberries that grow along the trail, this trail is a great one to hike in early to mid-August for blueberry season. Blueberry Ledges is a favorite for folks staying at Abol Bridge Campground and exploring Baxter State Park. After a day of rafting the Penobscot, this is the perfect way to continue the fun.
Baxter State Park waterfalls - Blueberry Ledges Swimming hole Baxter State Park waterfalls - Blueberry Ledges

Gulf Hagas

Difficulty: Strenuous
Distance: 8.6 miles (loop)

If you’re looking for an epic Maine waterfall hike, Gulf Hagas absolutely must be on your list. It’s been called the “Grand Canyon of Maine” by some, and it’s certainly one of the most notable waterfall hikes in Maine. With about nine miles of trails and numerous falls, Gulf Hagas is a great day hike. As is the case with many hiking trails in Maine, you’ll have to take a dirt road to get there, but that just adds to the adventure!

Taking the back roads to Gulf Hagas waterfall trail in Maine

Gulf Hagas waterfall hike in Maine


Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort offers a rafting & hiking adventure package. Enjoy an epic day of rafting, relax with a craft beer at Northern Outdoors, then drive to Grand Falls Hut as your base to explore, hike, fish or just relax along the Dead River. 


Which of these waterfalls in Maine have you hiked or rafted? This list certainly isn’t exhaustive–what ones would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!



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