Kennebec River Rafting – Refreshing Not Freezing

Relaxing after some rapids on the Kennebec River.It’s a common misconception that Maine whitewater rafting means splashing through freezing snow-melt in full wet suits wearing 15 pairs of socks.  But on a hot summer day, the strikingly beautiful Kennebec River is anything but frigid.

Like many rivers throughout the country, the Kennebec is dam controlled, meaning the water level is controlled by the hydroelectric dam and the releases are on a regular daily schedule.  Many dams release their water from the bottom of the lakes behind them, and water at the bottom of a lake has not seen sunlight for months…brrrrrrr!

Luckily for Kennebec River rafting guests, the Harris Station Dam draws its water from the top of Indian Pond  — and that water has spent many summer days warming up.  During a super-hot summer like the one we’ve been having, this means the water in the Kennebec is a refreshing, not chilling, 70+°F.   Perfect water for rafting, splashing and swimming.  Perfect for anyone wanting to experience a Maine river trip that breaks cold-water-rafting stereotypes.

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