Maine Adventure Weddings: Featured on Love and Lobster

Maine Adventure WeddingsNorthern Outdoors is the perfect destination for adventure weddings, just ask our friends at Love & Lobster who recently interviewed us for their blog titled Rustic Weddings: Northern Outdoors.  Love & Lobster assists creative couples seeking clever online inspiration in planning their wedding along New England’s beautiful coastline.  The site provides insider tips, interviews with local venues and vendors, and photographic eye candy.

Here’s a bit from the Love & Lobster interview regarding adventure weddings at Northern Outdoors:

“If the words “outdoor” or “adventure” describe your wedding plans, there’s a gem of a venue tucked in Maine’s upper reaches that’s well worth the drive.

Northern Outdoors boasts an authentic Maine lodge and scenic location in The Forks, a little town perched at the convergence of the Dead and Kennebec rivers, famous among white-water rafting enthusiasts for their thrilling rapids. We checked in with Stephanie Koetzle, a spokesperson for Northern Outdoors, to learn more about how they blend weddings with the wilderness.”

To view photos and read the entire article on adventure weddings click here.
At Northern Outdoors, we love adventure and providing an outdoor destination for folks to create lasting memories. Whether it’s adventure weddings or classic New England vacations, we’ve got ya covered!

Maine Adventure Vacations
Love & Lobster

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