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  • Per cabin up to 4 ppl

  • Additional per person up to 9



  • Accommodations for up to 9
  • 3 bedrooms with mix of double, single and bunk beds
  • 1 living room area
  • 1 kitchenette with 2- or 4-burner stove
  • 1 ¾ bathroom with hot shower
  • Central heat

Katahdin Adventure Base Camp

Rip Dam Cabins are near Katahdin Adventure Base Camp, north of Millinocket. The Katahdin Region is a gem of scenic wilderness and outdoor adventure opportunities. We are the only Maine outfitter located directly adjacent to the Appalachian Trail and Baxter State Park trails and on the river’s edge of the Penobscot! Penobscot Rafting trips meet here.

Maine Rafting Katahdin base camp - Northern Outdoors


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