The Forks Area ATV Trails Report

The Forks Area ATV Trails maintained by the Lake Moxie ATV Club and the spur trail to Northern Outdoors are open.

As you know weather and trail conditions can change in a heartbeat. This update is accurate as of the published date. In the meantime please feel free to  check out our ATV Trails and Resort blog

We spent the last couple days out riding with some of the guides and staff from Northern Outdoors and had a blast. The trail system is well signed, thanks to Lance and his crew at Lake Moxie ATV Riders. Probably the best it has ever been. We rode into West Forks, and had a great lunch at 15 Mile Stream Lodge and Outfitters. Like always, Rachel’s food was a hit. The trails are drying up nicely after all the recent rain, although it looks as if we’ll see more precipitation over the weekend.

Trail Info:

MATS 115 in West Forks, between The Marshall’s and the Moxie Pond Rd. access route there is a large mud hole. If you just have to go through it, the best lines are to the left (really deep) or right (not as deep and more solid). The center is nothing but large rocks, found them with the RZR the other day. There is also a trail around it to the right which reconnects to the main trail after the big mud hole.

Also, between the cell tower and 15 Mile Stream Lodge Outfitters there is active logging and trucking in the area. Use caution and please stop and wait for them to signal to you to go before riding through their work area.  

MATS 113 to Greenville is also in great shape and really well signed. The section north off the Brochu Rd. is a really good ride and has some interesting terrain variations to keep it fun.  Its about a 70 Mile round trip from The Forks, to Greenville and back.  Lake Moxie ATV Riders did a lot of work on the section of trail between the Boise Crossover Rd. and the Troutdale Rd. and the trail is in really good shape.

I’m hoping to check out North of 15 Mile, Johnson Mountain area to Jackman and maybe from the Shirley Tote Rd. intersection on MATS113 south to Bingham later this week and should have some info for you at the start of next week.

Brian Crater,
Backcountry Expeditions, LLC

A Note of Thanks.

We are very fortunate to have landowners who allow ATV trails on their property. Please respect their wishes and NEVER RIDE YOUR ATV OFF THE DESIGNATED TRAIL. REMEMBER TREAD LIGHTLY.

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