ATV Illustrated Tours Maine’s Trails: The Forks, Moosehead Lake, Jackman

ATV & SxS Illustrated Magazine’s Moxie Karasek joined Northern Outdoors and Maine Outdoor Sports on a 3-day SxS tour of some of the best ATV trails in Maine around The Forks, Jackman, Greenville and Moosehead Lake. We rode the super fun CFMoto side-by-sides from the ATV rental fleet, thank you Maine Outdoor Sports!

Read Moxie’s full review of her visit to Northern Outdoors with ATV Illustrated here!

ATV Illustrated visits Northern Outdoors Resort

ATV Trail Tour Day One: The Forks to Moosehead Lake

Office Manager Lisa Fisher and Guide Brandi Barnett took the crew on some of the smoothest offroad trails in Maine’s North Woods to tour Greenville, a perfect day trip from The Forks. The upside to a slightly rainy day? No dust on the trails!

Maine ATV Tour: The Forks to Greenville
Photo by Moxie Karasek, ATV & SxS Illustrated

The route to Moosehead has a few nice lake stops to enjoy the view or go for a swim on a hot day. In Greenville, the ATV gang checked out local landmarks — the Stress Free Moose (great trailside lunch,) the Moosehead Marine Museum, and the Steamboat Katahdin.

Moosehead Lake ATV Tour
Photos by Moxie Karasek, ATV & SxS Illustrated

The nearby road to one of Maine’s most interesting historical sites, the B-52 Memorial was temporarily closed due to logging. An excellent reason to take another ride to Greenville in the fall!

ATV Trail Tour Day Two: The Forks to Lake Parlin

The section of trails between Northern Outdoors and Lake Parlin offers a variety of logging roads with big views, and technical rocky trails in the woods. Famous snowmobiling destination, Coburn Mountain, lies in this area (unfortunately, there is no ATV access up the mountain.)

ATV Trail Tour

Maine ATV Tour

Near Lake Parlin we braked for lake and mountain views…

Lake Views from Maine ATV Trails

Maine Outdoor Sports and ATV Illustrated

Maine ATV Trails with Mountain Views

Great lunch stops between Northern Outdoors and Lake Parlin: Hawk’s Nest Lodge and Rachel’s Restaurant at 15 Mile Stream Outfitters. In the winter there are a lot more trailside lunch options.

ATV Trail Tour Day Three: Jackman, Maine

For the final day, ATV Illustrated and Maine Outdoor Sports trailered the side-by-sides up to Jackman to ride a whole new set of trails. Days like these…

ATV Trail Jackman, Maine
Photo by Moxie Karasek, ATV & SxS Illustrated

Thanks for riding with us, Moxie Karasek and ATV Illustrated! Thank you, Maine Outdoor Sports for an awesome fleet of ATV rentals! And endless thanks to Lake Moxie ATV Riders and all the other Maine ATV clubs out there maintaining these incredible trails!

What are your favorite offroad trails in Maine? Comment below and share with your riding buds!


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