Conquer Hot Summer Days with Maine Whitewater Rafting

Maine Whitewater RaftingWe’re watching the mercury hit record temperatures all the way up the coast and thanking our stars that we work on the river where cooling off is part of going to work everyday.  With the forecast calling for nothing cooler that 86 degrees F in Boston for at least the next 10 days, we know people are going to be looking forward to some Maine whitewater rafting

The Kennebec and Dead river run cool and Kennebec River rafting and Penobscot River Rafting River rafting are perfect ways to take the bite out of the worst summer heat.  We make sure everyone gets wet in the big waves and that those of age have the option of a chilled, handcrafted, beer on tap at the end of the trip.   Anyone who’s still too hot after all that can take a dip in the pool and chill on the deck under the stars.

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