Dead River Rafting – New England Whitewater Rafting 2010

Big Water on the Dead River MaineIt’s fall in The Forks, Maine and that means the last weekends of Dead River Rafting are upon us.  Through flickers of fall color, the Dead River is a ribbon of adventure just waiting to be explored.  With 16 miles of nearly-continuous whitewater, the Dead River is a one of a kind experience among the options for whitewater rafting New England style.

September 18th marks the second to last release on the Dead River this season, followed by the final release on October 2nd.  The 18th lets everyone try the Dead in Diable Sport rafts with a release rate of 3500 CFS (Cubic Feet Per Second).

The last release of the season is wide-open at 6000 CFS – big water, big water, big water!  This is the weekend eveyone has been waiting for – brilliant leaves, October Fest at the resort, and some of the best rafting of the year.  Maine adventure vacations should include more fun than a visitor can stand and the Dead River is Maine whitewater rafting at its finest.  We’re looking forward to everyone coming out to play!

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