Maine Waterfall Hikes: Grand Falls

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Grand Falls in West Forks, Maine is a bit off the beaten (paved) path and well worth the trip. These horseshoe falls span 100 feet across and are 40 feet tall, offering an impressive and scenic view anytime of year. During warmer months, it’s a short hike into the falls from the trail head. During the winter, snowmobiling to Grand Falls from Northern Outdoors makes a great full day of sledding (70 miles RT). One of the best parts of these waterfalls is their proximity to the Maine Huts & Trails Grand Falls Hut–stop by to enjoy a great lunch if you’re there during their winter or summer full-service seasons. Keep your eyes peeled, too, as there’s a good chance for spotting wildlife on these dirt roads!

Read on for directions to hiking into this beauty located just north of Northern Outdoors!

Grand Falls West Forks Maine
Photo cred: @lrpass


1 mile round trip


Easy with a steep pitch


Total drive one way is approximately 45 minutes. Head north from Northern Outdoors on Rt 201 for 8.3 miles. Turn left onto Lower Enchanted Road (dirt road) and continue for 14.1 miles. Stay on the main dirt road for this 14.1 mile stretch. You’ll come to large, open parking spots on the left (big enough for multiple buses to park), and a dirt road will drop down to the river on the right. Take that turn to the Dead River whitewater rafting put in. If you come in Spring or Fall on one of the Dead River scheduled release dates, hop on a rafting trip with us and save the hike for another day. This area will be quite busy in the morning; a small city of lifejacket-wearing folks in the middle of the woods!


There is a parking lot at the end of Lower Enchanted Road at the Dead River whitewater rafting put in, with Spencer Stream and Spencer Bridge to your right.


Follow the road down to Spencer Stream for the trailhead. The trailhead for the falls is also only .8 miles from the Grand Falls Hut, part of Maine Huts and Trails (MHT) network of huts and trails! Follow the MHT northeast from the trailhead to visit this beautiful hut. Advance reservations are required if you would like to stay the night.


Cross the bridge over Spencer Stream. Continue on the ATV/snowmobile trail for .2 miles. Cross a small foot bridge to the Maine Huts trail and continue up a steep pitch for .3 miles to the Grand Falls viewing look out. To avoid the steep pitch continue on the ATV/Snowmobile trail for .6 miles past the foot bridge and loop around to the viewing spot. Trail continues along the Dead River in the Maine Huts and Trails system. Looking for a little backcountry hiking without the hassle of setting up a tent? Consider doing a multi-day hut-to-hut hike!

Grand Falls is an incredible site in the winter, too, as snow and ice line the river and waterfall. Travel here by snowmobile, or via Maine Huts and Trails network!

Maine Snowmobiling - Grand Falls

Have some time? Explore one of the other incredible waterfalls that we are lucky enough to have right around our base in the Forks!

Do you prefer a visit to Grand Falls in winter or summer? Share your Grand Falls pics below!


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  1. i visited grand falls back when you could drive to within 500 feet of it to bad you still cant thats coming from the eustis side of things

    1. That’s right – now there’s a gate coming from that direction, right? You can get real close by snowmobile still! 🙂

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