Great Trip Down the Kennebec

We had a great trip down the Kennebec with Trevor. My son and two of his buddies, along with a family of four filled the raft. Three of the kids had never been rafting before and Trevor showed them a great time. We hit everything there was to hit, and no matter where you were in the raft you got into the action. Amazingly, we never seemed to have to work very hard, Trevor let the river do most of the work, even getting us into the hydraulics to surf (my son keeps telling people about that part of the experience).

After lunch we experienced a major thunderstorm-it was awesome! The young boy in the raft didn’t think so, however, and was quite worried about being on the water with all of the lightning. Trevor was great at assuaging the boy’s fears, explaining how being on the river down in that gorge was actually the safest place for us to be, then diverting the boy’s attention to bald eagle perched in a towering pine above us.

I also really appreciated how much fun the guides seemed to be having together, joking around, covertly sneaking up on each others rafts to pull the plugs, getting their rafters to chant together for the hot tub and beer, posing for photos, etc. How can you not have fun with a crowd like that?!

We will definitely be going again, maybe the Penobscot next time. My son is ready to go right now-his buddy who has been rafting multiple times remarked that this trip was the best he had been on.

Rating: Excellent
Geoff D
Falmouth, Maine


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