Maine’s More Than Mud Season

IMaine Waterfalls - Image PLC Photon some states, it’s said, there are two seasons, construction and winter.  Maine is lucky enough to have four definitive seasons – though sometimes spring is known as Mud Season.

But those who spend winter in this part of New England know spring is much more than melting snow and mud.  Spring is short sleeves instead of turtle necks, sitting on the porch on the lee side of the house in the sun for the first time in months.  Spring is fiddlehead ferns poking through last falls leaves and geese flying north and the return of loons to the ponds.  Spring is getting outside to explore waterfalls and rivers made full by snow melt, smelling the apple trees in blossom, crisp mornings and warm, welcoming days.

Breaking out the hiking boots and fly rods, setting off for  Maine fishing adventures and resort settings with great access to hut to hut hiking trails and waiting in expectation of the first day of Kennebec River rafting are all part of letting go of winter in Maine.  We’re in that process now and it’s one we enjoy every year.  Those who have never  adventured during a Maine spring should add it to their ‘to do’ list – it’s so much more fun than spring cleaning!


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