Recreational Kayaks Add Another Dimension of Fun To New England Vacations

Northern Outdoors Resort at The Forks, MaineMaine Whitewater rafting is fantastic, no denying it, but there are more ways to explore the waters of Maine.  One of the most exciting things we have seen in the last several years is people discovering something we have known for a while – that kayaking does not have to mean hucking yourself off waterfalls or even have to involve whitewater at all.

Recreational kayaks – sometimes called lake kayaks or light touring kayaks – are becoming more popular every year.  More and more visitors are discovering the ease and fun of this activity.  From kids to grandparents, recreational kayaking something most people can enjoy.  We have sit-on-top lake kayaks available for rental to use on Martin Pond right here at the resort in The Forks.

These boats are so stable, they allow of a wide age range of people to get right out and explore small ponds and slow moving rivers.  With a little more experience, larger lakes and faster moving water also become accessible.  It’s a quiet sport, good exercise and a great way to get closer to wildlife that would otherwise be possible.

Martin Pond at Northern Outdoors Resort, The Forks, MaineFor those who get hooked on the sport – good news!  Recreational kayaks can start as low in cost as a couple hundred dollars, with a nice paddle in about the $100.00 range and a PFD (Personal Floatation Device) starting at around half that.  A couple of cam-straps and a bow line and the boats go easily onto the roof of a car for transport to vacation adventure.

Where we used to see just whitewater kayaks on the roofs of the cars in our parking lot, we are now seeing an increasing number of recreational kayaks as well. 

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