Cheers to Beer and Great Food!

Whether it’s after a day rafting the Kennebec or snowmobiling through Maine’s woods, nothing beats a tasty, handcrafted beer. Kennebec River Pub serves up some amazing beer and food, all in an atmosphere that welcomes everyone like a regular.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.53.37 AMWhile on a fall foliage tour of the eastern U.S. this past fall, a visitor from Canada was so delighted with our beers and food that she wrote about it on her website Linda and David Aksomitis travel the world looking for special places to share with their readers and Northern Outdoors’ Kennebec River Pub made their list!

Kennebec River Pub is one of those pubs, bars, and taverns where you feel a lot like “Normie” on Cheers–-where everybody stops what they’re doing and calls out “Norm” when you enter.

And while we’re always looking for new experiences when we travel, it’s awesome to find a place to spend the evening where we feel right at home even when we’re well over 2000 miles away.

I must admit, though, that the Kennebec River Pub has a few things that are even better than home, and that was the beers from their own microbrewery. In fact, I had my first taste of blueberry draft there–it was the first of many, as I sipped this seasonal specialty from Maine clear down to Virginia on our fall foliage tour!

Read the rest of their article at Even better, come check us out and experience it for yourself!


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